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If you are in highschool and interested in a student internship or experience placement, please contact us. 

If you are want to know more about potential and current outreach programs, please write us an email.

You can reach us via .


Planet Wissen - Chemie einfach erklärt

For higher video quality, please visit SWR - Planet Schule.

You can also see Sophie in ZDFtivi - Princess of Science (Min. 19:30), where she explains the role of rare earth metals in modern technology.





Seltene Erden recyclen

Listen to the Bayern2 radio show on rare earth metals and their connection to bacteria in recycling.

Access: Minute 19 -  Seltene Erden umweltfreundlich - Bakterien helfen recyclen.





Weder selten noch Erden

Listen to Lenas MINTerview on rare earth elements where she explains how we can use lanthanoid-dependent enzymes for recycling, and how dietary supplements can be used in chemistry labs.





Wie Bakterien beim Recycling der wichtigsten Rohstoffe helfen

Spiegel (S+) Article

Wenn Bakterien Metalle futtern